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Now Offering Telehealth, an Online Video Counseling Option

As an added service to provide other opportunities to meet with you, I have decided to add Telehealth, an online video counseling component to my practice.

What is online video counseling?

It is the use of video conferencing technology to provide clients realtime counseling services from a distance. With online sessions we can meet anywhere.

Is it Private and Secure?

Yes. All data is encrypted, your sessions are confidential, and none of your information is stored. Meeting with me is HIPAA compliant.

Why would I use Telehealth?

Video sessions allow you to have a therapy session from the convenience of your home or other private place.  It can be used as an occasional substitute for an in-office session or, for those who do not live in the immediate area, as a primary means of obtaining counseling services. LGBTQ+ clients may find this type of session helpful as they can present as they wish during the session.

What Do I need?
All you need to take advantage of online video counseling is a computer or mobile device with a camera and a stable internet connection.

How do I set up an appointment?

Either email me at whitney@bluemindmentalhealth.com or call me at 843.422.6157. Once we have an established appointment time I will send you an invitation to connect with you via Doxy.me.  Then, using your laptop, desktop, or an app on your phone, you can log in around the time of your appointment and we can see and hear each other through video and type through chat.

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