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Are you a frustrated parent, a couple having a difficult time communicating, an angry adult or a teen trying to deal with anxiety and/or depression? Whitney and Blue Mind Mental Health, LLC will support you through your daily challenges with healthy coping strategies, increased awareness and new found confidence.

At Blue Mind Mental Health, LLC, your counseling experience has the potential to be profound, creative, and different.

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Whitney Hughes and Blue Mind Mental Health, LLC love to help and connect with people who are feeling stressed out, anxious, angry, depressed, over-scheduled and overwhelmed. These are daily themes in my practice and with the people I work with. Our lives ebb and flow and at times having a professional who is outside of your closest circle to support you while you navigate, can be extremely helpful.

Blue Mind Mental Health, LLC is a safe zone. We are open minded, non-judgmental, and we care. We believe that, with the right tools and techniques, you can grow and live the healthier, more peaceful, and fulfilling life that you deserve.

Focusing on your strengths, Blue Mind Mental Health, LLC will help you identify, set and accomplish life-goals. Doing so will ultimately lead you to a lifestyle that provides enduring satisfaction. We believe your story is yours to tell and we are here to listen.

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